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Water Filtration Technologies

Suisse Med Technologies provides a range of high-quality water filtration technologies for a diverse array of clients around the world. Dont hesitate to contact us.

Industries we serve

Swiss Med Technologies has developed different membranes and hollow fibres for various filtration levels. It has established record of delivering specific recipes to comply with the customers’ objectives: Ultra pure water production for the pharma & semiconductor industries, potable water, for the food industry because of lower manpower requirements, higher efficiency, shorter processing time, lower temperatures and superior cost-effectiveness and energy consumption compared to traditional filtration techniques (conventional filtration, vacuum evaporation).
Please check us to help you define the appropriate technology.


SwissMed’s membrane-based filtration may be applied at different stages and for different purposes for dairy product production.

  • Separation of cream from milk, aiming at fat content reduction.
  • Fractionation of casein and whey proteins
  • Lactose reduction of milk
  • Protein standardization, as protein content in milk varies dramatically depending on season and nutrition of cows.

Juice clarification

In the fruit juice industry, ultrafiltration membranes find their application mainly in juice clarification processes and associated purifications. Ultrafiltration of juices is normally performed at cross-flow configuration, where the feed flow is directed tangentially to the surface of the membrane. The main advantages of this modality are its scalability and non-denaturing behaviour towards delicate materials. Moreover, this pattern of feed flow allows better control over the membrane productivity, as it ‘sweeps’ the deposits of particles formed on the membrane surface due to their rejection.

Wine and beer

Our membrane filtration technology can be used in various stages of beer and wine production: water preparation and product filtration for different aims. These are used to fine-tune quality and stability of end product, and they may include:

  • Reduction of alcohol content
  • Removal of water excess
  • Wine concentration
  • Removal of all types of bacteria, viruses, macromolecular pollutants, colloids etc.
  • Removal of proteins from beer which may precipitate as the beer cools leading to a formation of a protein haze

Virus - free water generator

With new developments and technologies, we are proud to offer expertly developed water for injection. As a fully licensed and certified company, we provide a range of virus-free water production/injectable waters when you need them. These include:

Sterile distilled water | Virus reduction | Microfiltration membranes | Water purification | Virus control

Water Filtration System