Miscellaneous Services


Spare Parts

We recommend you locally stock a set of the most used parts that are subject to the most frequent wear and tear, as well as parts that are of critical importance to the manufacturing process. We can supply all the necessary spare parts.


Once the Assembly Line is in place, the process of re-validation is initiated using your components. The validation will be concluded when the output performance of the equipment reaches a satisfactory level. Note: This will require the participation of your maintenance engineers. Note 2: You must provide enough raw materials to validate the equipment.


Your staff will be involved in the validation as part of their training. Additional training will continue for up to two weeks.


We provide supervision of the installation and commissioning on-site and connection to utilities through the main power distribution panel, including all necessary protections. Note: This will require the participation of your own maintenance engineers.

Packing, Shipping & Insurance

Each piece of equipment will be loaded on a treated wood platform of the appropriate strength to carry the load. The complete shipment is then packed under retractable aluminium foil to inhibit any deterioration of the equipment during transportation. Shipping will be completed in containers, with loading by the supplier, while unloading from the ships will be the client’s responsibility.