Fibre Spinning Line

Suisse Med Technology is a world-class provider of hollow fibre production lines. Its technology can lead to the production of hollow fibres for blood filtration such as dialysis, hemoconcentration, or hemodiafiltration. The same technology is applied to the manufacturing of ultra pure pyrogen free fibres used in operating theatres. Spinning fibres for water treatment belongs to the same technology whether using PSU, PES or PVDF resins.

The Fiber Spinning Line is an advanced automatic production tool to produce hollow fibres using various polymer mixtures. The advanced design permits controlling extrusion speeds and solvent exraction and drying processes . Polymer mixtures are prepared in multiple vessels with automatic transfer from one to the other after strict filtration of the mixtures insuring their homogeneity and absence of any micro air bubbles. The viscosity and temperature of the products are continously monitored and controlled, and the data is saved into the main supervision PC for traceability purposes.