Dialysis machine


The D² Helix™ single-patient hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration machine is used for the delivery of acetate or bicarbonate dialysis treatments of patients suffering from chronic renal failure.
D² Helix™ can be equipped with a second pump for infusion in the hemodiafiltration treatments and some sensors necessary for monitoring the infusion circuit.

A dialysis system with cutting edge technology:

  • Full touch screen showing all data in a single glance
  • Reduntant system to insure maximum safety
  • RS-232 port for maintenance at a distance
  • User friendly

High precision & safe UF control & measurements technology using a true single pass for with error as low as 1 g/hr

Safety is insured by various programmable disinfection techniques:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Chemical disinfection
  • Thermo chemical disinfection
  • Thermal disinfection

Treatment Modality 

  • Double needle dialysis
  • Single needle dialysis w/single pump
  • Single needle dialysis w/double pump
  • Sequential dialysis
  • Acetate dialysis
  • Biocarbonate dialysis
  • Liquid biocarbonate unidose